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Heightened security measures

We would like to inform passengers that additional security measures have been introduced for people flying to the United States of America. The procedures involve both airport staff and LOT Polish Airlines flight attendants and apply both to passengers departing for the USA from Warsaw and those in transit from other countries.

With regard to the aforementioned measures, passengers travelling to the USA on a LOT Polish Airlines flight departing from Warsaw are kindly requested to check in earlier. The check-in will open four hours before the planned departure time and close one hour before take-off. After checking in their baggage and going through passport control, passengers should proceed without delay to the departure gate indicated on their boarding pass.

The security methods apply to passengers and their carry-on luggage. Regulations in respect of the quantity, weight and contents of carry-on luggage will therefore be rigorously observed.

Passengers are kindly requested to familiarise themselves with the information regarding admissible baggage limits and the restrictions in respect of what may and may not be carried. The information is available in the Baggage section.