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For people extending their stay

Passengers who have, at any time, remained in the USA for longer than stipulated on the I-94 form issued to them by the immigration officer will not be admitted into the United States. In order to avoid being sent back to Poland and the possibility of being held at a detention point should a flight not be immediately available, passengers are urged to remember that:

  • A visa does not guarantee entry into the USA. The decision as to granting permission to cross the border of the USA is taken by an immigration officer at the point of entry.
  • Remaining in the USA for so much as one day longer than stipulated by the immigration officer on the I-94 form renders the visa in your passport null and void, even if the visa expiry date has not yet passed. You will not be permitted to enter the USA on the basis of such a visa.
  • Polish citizens who have previously overstayed in the USA must apply for a new visa at either the American Embassy in Warsaw or at the Consulate-General of the USA in Krakow.
  • We would like to remind you of that fact that it is essential to provide truthful answers to the Consul's questions about any previous stays in the USA. Being denied a visa is far less painful than being arrested and sent back to Poland by an American immigration officer after a long and costly flight.
  • The failure to disclose information regarding a previous overstay to an immigration officer or the Consul is deemed to be misrepresentation and will render you permanently illegible to receive a visa. This includes an immigration visa.