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Instructions for completing customs declarations

The flight attendants will give you a customs declaration form. Please complete it legibly, in block letters, using a ballpoint or fountain pen. You are required to sign the form as confirmation that the information you have provided is true. In addition to the customs declaration, you will also receive a I-94 visa declaration form. Please complete it carefully and truthfully. Every passenger who is not a citizen of the USA is obliged to complete the first page of the declaration. The only people who are exempt are those who are domiciled in the USA, Green Card holders or holders of an immigration visa. Before starting to fill in the declaration, please read instructions below carefully. Our flight attendants will give you all the information and assistance you require. Both completed declarations must be presented during passport and customs control.

Section number

  1. Family name, first name and middle name

  2. Birth date: day/month/year

  3. Number of family members travelling with you

    • USA street address (hotel name/destination),
    • city,
    • state
  4. Passport issued by (country)

  5. Passport number

  6. Country of residence

  7. Countries visited on this trip prior to USA arrival

  8. Airline/flight number or vessel name

  9. The primary purpose of this trip is business – yes/no

  10. I am (We are) bringing

    • fruit, plants, food
    • insects: yes/no
    • meat products, animals, animal/wildlife products – yes/no
    • disease agents, cell cultures, snails – yes/no
    • soil; (or) I have (We have) been on a farm/pasture – yes/no
  11. I have (We have) been in the close proximity (touching or handling) livestock – yes/no

  12. I am (We are) carrying currency or monetary instruments of $10,000 U.S. or the equivalent in foreign currency (see definition of monetary instruments on the reverse) – yes/no

  13. I have (We have) commercial merchandise (articles for sale, samples used for soliciting orders, or goods that are not considered personal effects) – yes/no

  14. Residents – the total value of all goods, including commercial merchandise I/we have purchased or acquired abroad (including gifts for someone else, but not items mailed to the U.S.) and am/are bringing into the U.S. is: total in USD.