Instructions for completing visa forms


Section number

  1. Family name

  2. First (given) name

  3. Birth date: day/month/year

  4. Country of citizenship (e.g. POLAND)

  5. Sex: (Male or Female)

  6. Passport number

  7. Airline and flight number

  8. Country where you live (e.g. POLAND)

  9. City where you boarded (e.g. Krakow, Warsaw)

  10. City where visa was issued (e.g. Krakow, Warsaw)

  11. Date issued: day/month/year

  12. Address while in the USA: number and street

  13. Address while in the USA: city and state

  14. Family name

  15. First (given) name

  16. Birth date: day/month/year

  17. Country of citizenship (e.g. POLAND)